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 Vicars Cross Community Centre, Thackeray Dr, CH3 5LP

 Sun 12th May 2024 7pm

Idlib - Presented by Storm in the North (a theatre company that doesn’t just do plays)

Idlib is a gripping evening of drama, an uplifting story of kindness…It’s also part cooking show and an opportunity to eat some fabulous Syrian food! 

We start the evening by making bread – the Syrian Way: We mix the dry ingredients, in a bowl bought in a Souk from Idlib, then we add water…and wait for it to rise. When the bread is ready, and the room is filled with the smell of it, we will all share it – and enjoy it with Syrian Meze.

When he was in Turkey, writer Kevin Dyer stood on the beach and watched families climb into small boats and head for Greece – just three miles away across a choppy sea. Also, high in a forest, in a ramshackle shed, Kevin met a Syrian refugee. The man shared his food with this British stranger, and they played chess with a tiny travel set. They laughed, and chatted about their Mums, their kids, and people who had been kind to them. They also ate bread – smeared thick with hummus and Nutella.

He asked Kevin as they parted: “Please do not forget Syria.”

This is our attempt, with baking, and a thrilling piece of drama, to keep the proud people of that country in our minds – with food and a story or hope.

Idlib is in north-west Syria. This is an event for the north-west of England.

This ‘show’ is a mix of conversation, a very moving storytelling monologue, making bread on stage, drawing, and sharing personal memories of food and family, eating meze together and socialising.
Sunday 12th May 7pm
Vicars Cross Community Centre, CH3 5LP, 07593 425 399

Suitable for adults and 14+


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